Cake Pop PLOP!

So a good friend of mine was leaving the office to move on to a ward and we’d arranged a two day BUFFET! I have competition at work. A lovely lady who has charmed the office with her cheesecake.

I haven’t attempted to make a cheesecake yet but for the leaving buffet I was going to make vanilla cake pops with melted orange chocolate.


I baked the whole Victoria mix in one cake tin (as I had misplaced my others) this resulted in a longer cooking time instead of the suggested 25 minutes, it took about 45!!




I love watching the mixture drop off the whisk 😄

Once the cake had cooked and cooled in the plan. I took it out to leave it to rest.
This is another part where I get impatient. I can’t wait for it to cool down. I want to mess with it right away.

Which I did.


I cut it in to 4 triangles and left it again to concentrate on the icing and melting.
I mixed 100g of butter with (a prepacked) icing.


I got my orange flavoured chocolate melts that I bought from Sainsburys and set to melting them. I placed then in a glass bowl and put them in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time.

STOP THE PRESS. This made my microwave SPARK. Does anyone know why? My mom put a glass of water in it and it didn’t spark for that but every time we tried to melts, it set it sparking again.
please don’t melt these chocolates in your microwave

I took to melting them in a bowl over another bowl of hot water. This was great till some water accidentally managed to jump out of one bowl into the other.
So I mixed and mixed till I got a half decent consistency.



I broke the triangles of cake and mixed them into the icing one chunk at a time

It didn’t look very appetising once I started mixing more cake.

As you can see above ^ the orange melts and the water had a party and combined a bit more.

So here’s where the pop PLOPPED. I’d put all the pieces of cake INTO the icing whereas I should have gradually added. What I had when I’d finished was gloopy balls which slid down the sticks.

no one wants gloopy balls


I managed to get ONE on a stick but when it came to adding the melted orange over it in a rolling way with a spoon… It fell in to the icing.

So I wasn’t successful with the cake pops but I am determined to try again. I had recently been glossing over the Bakerella website and had seen this cake and imagined that would be how my cake pops turned out.


Has anyone else had cakes flop and pop?