Giant toffee crisp

It’s one of my good friends birthdays and she is obsessed with toffee crisp. So I did some research, if you google giant toffee crisp, there is an excellent video on how to recreate this timeless chocolate classic.

I started by melting the toffee, I melted it in the microwave in bursts of who seconds and then 5, till I got a spreadable consistency.

I realised that it wouldn’t work unless I coated my loaf tin with some chocolate. I had planned to unfold the tin (as its silicone) to remove it. I used cooking chocolate, which once it was all complete, I decided was too sickly and it set too quickly. I was worried using normal chocolate wouldn’t set at all.


After I had coated the tin and poured the toffee, I let it set whilst I mixes the cooking chocolate (or cake covering as its called) with the rice pops! These tasted delish and no amount of choc

I poured the remainder of the chocolate over the top to give it a coat and wallah! One giant toffee crisp ready to be set in the fridge!


It was quite difficult removing the toffee from the dish I used, it needed to soak for a bit. The washing up is always the worst after you’ve made something. Once I had cleared up and put the kettle on. I sat down and dreamed of the reactions of my colleagues and my friend when I unveiled this masterpiece.

Well it was a nice surprise for Melly who I work with but what I didn’t anticipate was the toffee separating from the rice crispy section, however once the toffee had softened a bit, both rice and toffee were delicious and greatly appreciated seperately and



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