Creme Egg Cupcakes

I thought I was having a genius moment where I had created a new recipe. I love creme eggs and I love chocolate cupcakes so I thought

why not add them together

little did I realise that people had already tried this and had put said recipes on the Internet. noooooooooooooo the only good point about this is having a recipe to follow which suggested using a cupcake mix (hello Betty!)

I used to devil’s chocolate cake mix, it asks for 90ml vegetable oil, 250ml water and 3 eggs. I mix it all together and place my cupcake cases onto trays.
I had frozen the creme eggs for an hour (it didn’t say how long to freeze them for)




I filled the cupcake cases and found that I still had half a mixing bowl of mixture left.
I was a bit worried about the timing of how long the cupcakes would take and would this alter the affect of the creme egg. So I did one tray as an example.


And put them in the oven (180 fan) for 15 minutes and sat there staring at them for a couple of minutes

After 15 minutes the cakes l

I can see that some of the creme eggs had burnt a little and some where even melting whilst it sat on the counter but for my first attempt, I’m quite impressed.
I don’t know whether to add more mixture to the cupcake cases or whether to place the eggs in the side. 8′ the second batch I found that some of the cupcakes covered over the egg but when it came to taste testing it was a mixed review. The cupcakes tasted delicious but I found that most of the creme eggs stuck to the cupcake cases.

I had popped an unfrozen creme egg into a case and this is the result of that

I went back to the website I found that was doing a similar recipe and asked for advice on how I could stop the eggs from sticking to the cases or if I should have frozen them for longer so next time I try this I should get better results

Having given in and tried another creme egg cupcake just now, I’ve found that the cupcakes that were in silicone cups were better as the egg and mixture didn’t stick. Looks like I will have to invest in more silicone bakeware!!!





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