Sad Brownies

Unfortunately we lost a legend in our lives. Gerard Joseph Graham. It was a pleasure to know him and at this sad time I find relief in knowing he has been reunited with his soulmate. RIP. 27/02/13.

So I have been surrounded by sadness, an all too familiar feeling. I don’t know how to give comfort, I don’t know how to differentiate the feelings I have from a previous loss to this one. So I do what I do best and bake.

This is Betty Crocker’s boxed chewy chocolate brownie mix. It asks for 100ml of vegetable oil, 35ml of water and 1 egg.
I have a lightly greased pan, the only suitable thing I could find and preheat the oven to 160 as its fan assisted.

The mixture is quite easy to work with so I spread it out roughly on to the tray like so.

20130307-111903.jpg and pop in the oven for 25 minutes.

25 minutes later and we have a lot of brownies, I wasn’t expecting it to spread. I’ve never made brownies before so I think next time I won’t flatten the mixture out on the tray so much.


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