Top Secret James Bond Stuff

It’s a bit difficult for me to write about what I have planned for Valentines as Alex gets email updates when I post a blog.

Trust this month to be the tightest month. London, Valentines Day and Mom’s Birthday (then it will be Mother’s Day soon)..

I am keen to do Valentine crafts this year although I have seen a present I’m going to get. I’ve never been fond of Valentines as I never saw the point in it but I am excited for this years.

I’ve been googling and researching Valentines crafts and seeing what other people have created for their beloved. There are some amazingly talented people out there and if I could show you what I’ve seen I would but I’m planning on doing it myself.

I also found this on the calendar, it’s no surprise who wrote it; it’s where I get my subtle hints from. I’m wondering what I could get mom for her birthday too.

For someone who is in constant pain all they wish for is relief. How can I provide relief? There are products I can buy but they are only effective for a short period so how do I win? How do I provide comfort? I could make her something but what? This is where I have a creative block because what could I provide of use?

When dad died I bought her a book to fill in so that in time I would feel as though I knew everything and hadn’t missed out or would have regrets like I did. Whether she fills it in or not is up to her, I know she will write it in when she has something to say or answer.

But back to Valentines,

I have already bought the card which I think sums up how I feel and as I went through sites I saw more cards that I felt were more appropriate or reminded me of past conversations and memories and I just thought, this boy is going to end up with a dozen cards telling him how I feel about it.

Valentines is going to be tight for the both of us but we have agreed we will go and see the new Die Hard film and I’m happy with that. In the aftermath, I always feel bad and guilty when I’m bought stuff, I feel the need to reciprocate and go over the top. So a film and some cuddles is just perfect, it is simply us.

I also had some feedback from the Red Velvet cake, I haven’t had any of it and left it over at Alex’s but it was apparently very tasty and they loved the look of it and I needn’t have worried. It wasn’t as red as I liked or how the box portrays it but so long as it tasted nice and didn’t upset anyone’s tummys I’m happy.




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