Red velvet if you please

I was asked to do a birthday cake for the boy’s godmother. Of course I was delighted, got to work researching ideas. She is quite girly woman so I immediately thought pink but because I wanted a bit of sophistication I thought white chocolate cake.

I googled through some recipes and the one that won it for me is Gregg Wallace white chocolate gateaux which is found on the chocolate brand “Divine”

This is a picture of what the cake should look like:


Unfortunately I didn’t manage to make this cake as I left home in a rush so I thought I would stick to an old faithful friend of mine, Betty Crocker.


It didn’t look red but it smelt very chocolatey. I made the recipe by the instructions and placed in the over for 30 minutes.

I removed from the oven and left to cool. I don’t know if I had the oven on the wrong temperature, if I removed it too quickly or it was just bad luck but the cake came out very soft and it was really fragile. I thought it was gonna break in my hands.


I’m not gonna lie, I panicked what was I gonna do? I was at the boys so wasn’t sure how long it would take me to walk down the shop but thankfully I still had some ingredients left over to make a sponge.
When making the sponge it looked like a soft batter after mixing and I poured about 5-6 spoonfuls into two sandwich tins and placed in the oven for 30 minutes. Now when this cake came out, it looked good but I couldn’t place the smell. It wasn’t a burning smell, it just didn’t smell like cake. I trimmed the tops of the cake, had a cheeky nibble and it tasted fine but the smell made me uneasy.

Why is it when I want something to go perfect, it doesn’t. I let these cakes cool, and decided to merge the cakes together. So it went, red, white, red, white. I put some icing over it finely and the red velvet cake did crumble a little. I had already made hearts and fiddling with the sugar dough I ended up creating something, looking at this something I immediately thought of the Queen of Hearts ❤

So here is my imperfect, very happy unbirthday cake! Please be nice 🙂







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