Shopping, ooh lala!

Yesterday I went shopping with my oldest friends Susan and Leah for Leah’s birthday present which unfortunately wasn’t there so have promised to purchase it online.

I also have a rather amazing boyfriend who borrowed me some money to buy myself a new pair of jeans and a top.
Of course the top I bought happened to be owl themed and the slippers I bought, yup, owl themed. Oh I even bought a snood…with owls on it.

I did buy a plain purse, no owls. It was awesome shopping and seeing the girls. Susan is engaged so it was wedding themed conversation and I’m maid of honour so we were discussing hen weekends and dresses. Of course, she is worried about the cost, me and Leah have offered to purchase our own dresses, perhaps even hire them as we understand how expensive weddings can be (well, not that either of us are married but we have seen don’t tell the bride a lot!).

So these were some of the options for our dresses, Susan found them and they’re all under £35, bless her.




I prefer the first choice, the blue is a lovely shade and I like one shoulder dresses.

As we were walking along, we walked past Millie’s cookies and I saw THIS

I was going to buy it for Alex for Valentines day but I didn’t think it would keep and I’m still in the mindset that I could make one better.

WOAH, did she like just name the boy?

Like she totally did, totally!


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