Scrap Preview #3

I was meant to go out Saturday night with my bestests Ana and Claire but because I knew I was leaving my job on Tuesday I didn’t really want to spend money I wasn’t going to remember spending.

I haven’t been making as much of an effort to go out drinking socially since my dad died, I seem to have some adverse reaction to it. I probably do find excuses but I feel they’re genuine excuses, if there’s such a thing and this Saturday I thought I’d prefer to stay in and save money. Which Alex didn’t do as he treated me to a random bottle of champagne and some strawberry chocolates.

He bought himself an XL tub of pick n mix and I think he’s failed to realise that he’s left them in my room *evil laugh* and he had teeth sweets in them. Here is Alex with his new falsies. He’s so fit.

We didn’t get chance to drink the champagne but we are going to London next weekend so are saving it 🙂 how romantic. I imagine Valentines with this boy is going to be one to remember.

He took a photo of me with teeth too. These pictures will go in the scrapbook when I’m feeling more alert.


Till next weekend you beautiful bottle of bubbles



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