Rich, dark and gorgeous

So this is the second cake I made and again I used a Betty Crocker mix. I forgot to say that the glaze for the lemon cake came with the mix and you just have to add a bit of water.

For this cake I bought the rich and creamy chocolate icing because the cake isn’t really naughty if you don’t have the icing to go with it. This cake I am making for work as I am leaving them on Tuesday. I am sad and if I had some poison lying around, I would probably use it but I like them and I don’t have any so I shan’t.

I am of course joking about the poison, I know it’s a serious thing to joke about and therefore apologise if people are offended.


So I prepared the mix as the instructions said to and as I said in my previous post, I’m not feeling too great and forgot to time this cake so I had to make a rough estimate on when to check and remove them from the oven.

This is the end result and before I spread the icing:

I am still playing with sugar dough and j remembered I’d bought some heart cookie cutters so I made some hearts and shaped them into shamrocks 🙂

This is the end result with icing and shamrocks 🙂 goodbye work!


And my brother came home and had a slice! Damn him! It now looks like a Pacman cake



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