Banana POWER!

As I was on a baking spree I managed to slip in a banana cake, using the same recipe that’s in my previous posts.

For some reason I am not satisfied with these batches as I used buttermilk instead of normal milk. The recipe calls for butter milk as its a loaf recipe but I didn’t have it last time so used normal milk and a but of lemon juice.
I think I also put a bit too much in the one tin as this took the longest to cook and even still the cakes cracked. My mom says its from the cakes being too dry, can anyone enlighten me?

Here is the end result of my banana cakes, I was gonna put chocolate spread on them but I’m too tired. Bed is calling me zzzzzzz


You can see the difference in the colour which makes me wonder if I should have cooked the bigger one for even longer.
They do smell delicious though and these are also for work so I shall let you know what the tasters say!


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