Valentines #2

So I’m sat at work and I mention to my work buddy I’m going shopping, queue the conversation where we discuss where I’m going; who with and what to buy and as soon as I mention the Disney Store I was tempted, gave in and decided to have a cheeky look online.

I’m going in to the store to buy one of my oldest friends a Sully from Monsters Inc (great film!!) so I have a look at the soft toy and check out the price as me and the boy are trying to save.

£18.00!! How cute, I wouldn’t mind one for myself!

And I was telling Melissa about how I love Tigger so I searched and found this. It was a sign that I am meant to have this. That it is meant to be bought for me and MELISSA is going to be the one to buy it 🙂

I don’t know if you can see it but the label says, with love from MELISSA! Therefore she has to buy it for me and I shall buy this for her.


There’s a whole lotta love Goin’ on!❤


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