When I started thinking about my next post, I wished for some inspiration and wishing is what came to me.

We wish for all sorts of things in life and I was reminded of a poem I hadn’t heard in a while and can only imagine my nan saying it to me when I was younger and if I’ve gotten that wrong and it was my mom, I apologise.


So I do what I do best and I google and in the images section a picture caught my eye. It caught my eye because of the wish that was on there. “I wish I could talk to owls” and it humoured me because I wish this also but as I scanned the picture I saw wishes that I had asked for, for people being alive, for having more time with a deceased relative, for a time machine and for giggles, a monkey.

And so I’m sat here, wishing for things and I’m wondering do I want to go down the route where I wish for the impossible, do I want to go down the route of the probable or do I want to go down the route that is possible.

People wish for things, objects, happenings, findings, for pain to go away, for love to appear, to be happy, to be thin, to find a reason to live.

I wish I could make pain and cancer go away.



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