Who gives a HOOT?

How could I forget? The most important creation of all from the Beast.


Now this was just a test cake. I didn’t do it the way I wanted too; I think I’d ran out of time, it was during a week day and I get up at stupid o’clock.

This is just one piece of the sandwich, it was the ‘wich’ as I was too tired to layer the sand and wich together and it being an owl cake I didn’t want to be too over confident.

This is your typical Betty Crocker devil sponge mix. Very simple to use and it tastes so good, even the non believers go ‘om nom nom’
I can’t remember the instructions off the top of my head but trust me when I say, when this cake is done properly with the chocolate fudge butter icing, it makes you feel so good that your toes are wiggling 😉

So to create my owl I used chocolate butter icing and spread it over the ‘wich’

I had previously bought orange button melts from sainsburys and I placed these overlapping from the bottom upwards to make a kind of feathered breast on the owl. I cut a triangle for the and for what was meant to be the outer feathers I used chocolate chips which I really should have battered in a food processor and the eyes; good old Oreos 🙂

Needless to say my 3 year old niece was more than impressed, so impressed she turned it upside down on the plate. Thank Bob Marley in the sky for cling film!


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