Topsy Turvy – BOOM!

I don’t know how it came about but my wonderful grandmother purchased me the topsy turvy pans from Lakeland. She told me when we were in the middle of the supermarket and I was being cranky because I hate food shopping and people were panic buying because of the snow we were supposed to have (and did).

In honour of said snow, here is sproots.


Anyway, back to my new pans. I had promised a friend at work that I would do them a topsy turvy cake and you can follow me as I go along. Her birthday is not till April so I’ve suggested she help me and as it’s a special birthday (21st), I thought the best theme I could possibly come up with was the wonderful creation of Alice in Wonderland.

And the reason for this is because not only is Alice in Wonderland a classic disney film and there was the odd sort of remake but it had Johnny Depp in so all was forgiven but it was my theme for my 25th birthday last year. My closest friends threw me a tea party and I had never felt more loved or appreciated like I had that day and night. They worked so hard to keep it a secret (even though someone let it slip, FREDDY!), they made such an effort and it was perfect and I want her birthday to be perfect like mine was.

Here a few of the pictures from that day/night. These are my ‘crew’





So yes. THE PANS!



The pictures above are of the 15cm tin which is used for the top of the cake.



These are photos of the 20cm tin which is for the middle part of the cake.



And that is the 25cm tin which looks bigger than it should be compared to the 20cm tin. I am not ready to use these yet as I haven’t figured out the measurements of the ingredients so they’re still covered up but this is generally how the cake will look when it is placed together.


I have researched on the Internet about how to decorate cakes like this. I am not used to rolling out icing and would prefer buttercream but I haven’t seen evidence of buttercream being used.

These are the kind of creations I have found on the Internet.









I am rather jealous of the level of creativity and time that has gone in to each of these cakes and I wish I had the time and talent. I imagine creating these wonderful cakes must come naturally to some people but I also hope that there are cake decorators out there who have self thought themselves to be that good and I have a slim chance of being just as good and one day when someone like me begins something new for them, MY cakes will be on google images.

Till the next adventure.


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