The boy suggested making a scrapbook. I was obviously excited because it meant another trip to hobbycraft and who can say no to hobbycraft.

It wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. I more or less suspected that it would all be in a pack with the instructions, plus we had different tastes. I obviously wanted a girls vintage theme and he wanted a manly vintage theme. We ended up deciding on what we wanted, we even bought ink and photo paper to print photos off – after attempting to use those awful machines in Boots.

So obviously I have started it before I began writing this so I can show you mid-way and the progress further on.

We bought these cute ticket stamps





Those are just a little sample of what the tickets say and I bought “special glue” which I now regret buying as it just makes a mess…


As you can see its green and I really should have bought the original white.

This is the book after I stuck some of the tickets on it with the green goblin glue


If you look closely at the love in the left hand corner of the book, you will see green.

I bought a designer paper pad to stick inside the book, this was my girls vintage purchase..


It has different, cute, girly, pieces of paper that I wanted to stick photos on, I’ve taken a couple of pictures on what is included in this pack;






So I was quite impressed and chuffed with this purchase. The boy chose these…


I mean they’re okay, but not very girly but as it was his idea and we’re a theme I couldn’t say no – plus he was going to buy it anyway.

He did buy me this cheeky little present which was a nice surprise as I was unpacking the bags πŸ™‚


And I’m trying to decide whether or not to stick it in the book or actually use it so our families will stay out of the kitchen.

So, page one of our scrapbook


It’s not really finished but I was happy with how I seemed to be presenting the ideas and what layout. The second page which hasn’t really been started will be the boys page as it has his themed papers on it


That’s it so far, we ended up stopping as the pictures we were printing out weren’t coming out in good quality and I offered to try printing some out at my house.

So let the story begin…. πŸ™‚


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