Carrot Cake

I had an opportunity to use the boys oven. His was electric and mine gas so I was a little worried my carrot cake would flop.

Needless to say I was over zealous with the hand whisk and needed to shower and therefore placed said boy in charge, I didn’t however think for a second he would take the Michael out of my obsession for perfection.

Queue hilarious photo here and insert whatever caption you so wish.


This cake was for his Aunty and wanting to make a good impression, I made sure I did a good job of the icing. If it was chocolate I would have sloshed it all over but as this cake, to me, was delicate I chose to ice carefully.

This is the end result with a few wafer flowers thrown on for good measure.


If, like the boy, you have a filthy mind you can almost make the shape of a … Never mind!


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