A little treat

One Sunday, up in the ghetto, the boy says to me “I’m bored, lets go to tesco..” What I didn’t envisage was boy who will eventually be named, purchasing about £50 worth of cake ingredients, icing, cupcake cases, cupcake boxes, icing in cans, whatever he could pick up, he did.

I’m surprised he was soon keen to purchase all these cake ingredients and accessories cause I usually kick him out the kitchen for being in the way. However, his eagerness and how cute he was when grabbing as much as he could (we didn’t have a basket either), I reined in the cake eyed monster and enlisted his help and muscles.

He even mixed a batch all on his own, bless. He got so excited he would put the cupcakes outside so they would cool down quicker and he could decorate them. I therefore take no credit for the decorating of these cupcakes.

Boy, these are all yours.



In his midst of buying, he also bought me ready to roll coloured icing. This was more for kids to make shapes out of and is called sugar dough. I had really wanted to make a ladybird but was frustrated when there was no white or black. The colours were red, green, yellow and blue.

I did make something though, can you guess what it is? Free cupcake to those who guess correctly.



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